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Core Pulling-Unscrewing Mold Supplier & manufacturers | Times Mold

Core Pulling-Unscrewing Mold Supplier & manufacturers | Times Mold

Times Mold has advanced production equipment, skilled engineers and rich experience in mold making over 18 years,what stands out is that plastic injection molds for plastic fittings,core pulling structure in unscrewing mold.

Times Mold's advantage attributes to our in-house design team, project managers , QC inspection and talented experienced staff ,we are focus on all details of mold process under the guidance of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949. We always been to adhere to provide our customers high-quality and high productivity molds base on most competitive prices and fast delivery.

The plastic fitting product is long-lasting. The stile and rail construction, as well as the jointed parts, are all re-enhanced with strength and stability.







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About our product

Plastic injection mold for fittings with core pulling structure in unscrewing mold:

Cavities : single cavity ,with exchangeable inserts,or multi-cavities

Mold Life : Mass production 500000 shots / 1000000 shots

Runner :Cold runner systems

Slider : core pulling with Parker or other brand of hydraulic-cylinders as request ;Gear-rack taking off thread

Undercut center auto eject 

Cycle time :25s, 30s,40s,50s.       

Product Information

Style:Injection plastic fittings

Material:PP /PVC

MOQ:Min.1000 PCS

Color:Black or natural

Usage:Anywhere need to transport water, oil, air, etc. 


Product Parameters

Model NO.TM2022             Specific Use:Transport and fitting 

Size:256*256*100MM          Trademark:YourBrands

Products Charactor:Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dirty, High End

Lifetime:Mass production 500000 shots / 1000000 shots


 core pulling-unscrewing mold Supplier & manufacturers | Times Mold

Frequently Asked Questions about plastic injection molding manufacturer


Q: I would like to get a quotation but the product is not yet protected by patent. Can you guaranty that my idea will be sufficiently protected if I send it to you?        


A: If you feel uncomfortable about protection of your idea, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement before you send us any data. Customers who do not have their own version of such agreement can download a copy from here.


Q: How much time do you need to quote?        


A: Unless the product has a very specific construction usually a quotation for a mold is send the next day after we receive enquiry with all the necessary details.


Q: How long does it take to build an injection mold?        


A: It varies a little depending on product size and complexity of its shape, but generally in case of Times Mold, a middle size molds are built in 30 days lead time.


Q: How can I get after service from Times Mold?        


A: If there is a problem that has to be serviced under the warranty obligation, Times Mold is dispatching its engineers who can make necessary corrections or repairs. If a change has to be done to the mold on customer’s request, the necessary preparations are done in Times Mold's factory and depending on circumstances either the necessary parts are sending to the customer and changed by him or  Times Mold can dispatch its technicians. And we will offer all the electrodes and one set of damageable spare parts for free.


Q: What do you need to make a quotation?        


A: (1). Product drawing or 3D model data file or product sample. If none of these are available, we need at least an ordinary sketch with the most critical dimensions of the product on it.  (2). What Kind of plastic resin you are going to use in manufacturing or an idea of the durability of the product (what the product is or does).  (3). Estimated quantity of the product needed in a period of time (i.e. one month) and the idea of how many products in total you are going to make (estimated total sales).

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